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Deluxe Birthday Party Package

Parties available every day of the week.

Deluxe Laser Party (Total Party Time 1.5 Hours) Great for 7-10 tag players

  • Party cabin reserved for one and a half hours.
  • 2 games of laser tag reserved for your group. (Usual process is for your group to do arcades for 15 min, then do one laser tag game, then have pizza, then one more game, then have cookies (cake may be brought in) with presents time or more arcades if purchased separately) This usually takes up the entire 1.5 hours.
  • 10- $5 arcade cards (extra game credits available for purchase at kiosk)
  • Two fresh pizzas cooked to order on-site.**
  • Two pitchers of fountain drinks (Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Starry (formerly Sierra Mist), Pepsi, or Mountain Dew)
  • Standard party crockery for your room includes:
    • Tablecloths, 10 plates, 10 napkins – choose your color – Lime green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Turquoise, Blue, Black, Orange or Pink. (Or feel free to bring your own, just let us know.)
    • Celebration message on chalkboard art wall in party room. Provide your special message to us! Some examples: “Happy Birthday Sam”, “Tim’s Bachelor Party!”, “Christine’s Bachelorette”
  • 10 oven baked cookies (If not desired, just let us know).
  • Feel free to bring your own cupcakes or cake.
  • Alert us of food allergies!
  • PDF printable invitation
  • Great for 7-10 participants (no extra charge for non-participants)
  • $300 for up to 10 participants* (additional participants can be added at additional cost)

*participants include adults or children playing laser tag, no refunds for less games played
**no discount for not wanting the pizzas

Please see party page for more details on how the party will usually flow, questions about extra players or non-participants and more.

To see available times, click on your desired date. If you choose to add on an extra hour for $75 per hour, and the hour is not available in the system, it will bump you to the next time with available hours before adding it to cart.

For parties with a larger amount of non-participants, please consider the Deluxe Party Plus Booking, which is 2 hours in the larger party room, with an added pizza and pitcher of soda. ($400 plus tax)

Outside food fee of $50 for food or drinks other than a cake (or equivalent) being brought in. Take home goodie bags are ok.

The outside food fee for any outside food or drinks including for preferences, organic, veggie trays, sugar free, etc. We do sell sugar free drink products. Please be respectful of our business and the amount of costs we have to provide a cafe with food and drink options. We also sell water bottles and have a drinking fountain, you may not bring in your own water bottles. Celebratory cake or cupcakes are exempted. There is also a single serving food exemption for a food allergy or intolerance. If the entire group needs different food than we provide, you will need to pay the outside food fee. No alcohol may ever be brought in due liquor license laws.


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