1801 W Route 66 Suite 102 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Holiday Parties at FlagTagAZ

FlagTagAZ is your place for a unique holiday party venue.

Our 12,000 sq foot facility is great for corporate groups, team get togethers or holiday parties. With a pizza cafe serving beer and wine, we can serve your needs for food and fun.

For large groups paying on one check (20-150 people) we have unlimited laser tag by the hour. We can also do a mixed package of unlimited laser tag plus multi-lane axe throwing. We cater these packages to the estimated size of your group. If you just want axe throwing, we can do that too.

Call us at 928-707-9824 or e-mail at fun@flagtagaz.com or fill out the form for an estimate customized to your team’s needs.

Corporate or Large Group

(All paying on one check)

Pre-set Party Packages

For groups of around 10 we have two pre-set party packages available:
Axe Throwing Party or Deluxe Laser Tag Party. We can do multiple axe throwing parties for groups up to about 40 people.

Axe Throwing and Laser Tag By the Hour

For groups of about 30 to 150, we have multi-lane axe throwing with unlimited laser tag priced by the hour.

Laser Tag

For groups of at least 20 we have Laser Tag By The Hour or 2 game or 4 game options. Use form to inquire.

Just Axe Throwing Options

For large groups we have multi-lane axe throwing by the hour, group tournaments or axe throwing sampler options. Use estimate form.

Other Information:

After Hours Facility Rental: If you would like the place to yourselves, we can do after hours (or before hours) facility rentals which include axe throwing and unlimited laser tag. We only do regular hours facility rentals on rare occasions.

Non-participants: Many groups bring people who are just along for the fun but do not wish to participate in axe throwing, knife throwing or laser tag. We do not charge for non-participants, and non-participants do not count as part of your group size for activities. 

We work with every group individually to try to meet your needs and budget, depending on group size and activities desired. Please fill our the Free Estimate Form and we will get back to you, usually within 24 hours. If your large group wants to come with-in 24 hours please give us a call and speak to someone on our management team along with filling out the form if you need an estimate.

Corporate or Large Group

(Everyone Paying Separately)

If everyone is paying separately at FlagTagAZ you can book normally on our booking system. The only thing you would not be able to book is a tournament or mini-tournament. Please email us or fill out the estimate form for axe throwing tournaments.

  • Large Group Discounts for 25+ Active Participants: If you wish to get a large group discount for 25 or more active participants, but are paying separately, please send us an email and let us know what time and day your large group has booked for. And we can make a note in the reservation system.
  • Grab a table, hang out and buy a snack or drink: With our pizza cafe serving beer, wine and mead, FlagTagAZ is a great place for socials, mixers and networking groups.
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