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Host your Fundraiser at FlagTagAZ

We would love to host your percentage back fundraising event. We can usually do these on Weekdays. We can do laser tag fundraisers, pizza and cafe food fundraisers, or both pizza and food.  We do ask that you promote the event and bring in people to come have fun or eat with us. Anyone coming in must come in already knowing about the fundraiser to be a part of the percentage back. Your group must mention the fundraiser when making purchases to be included in the percentage back. Bottled drinks, alcoholic beverages, pre-packaged snacks, and axe throwing are not included in any percentage back fundraisers. We can provide you with a fundraiser flier, free of charge, if desired.

Fundraiser Request Form

Fill Out this form to Request a Fundraising event.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please enter desired date if known, if unknown please comment in last text box.
Please pick a 2-5 hour window. For school groups usually after school to past dinner time works best.
Desired Type of Fundriser at FlagTagAZ(Required)
Would you like FlagTagAZ to design a flier for you?
Must reasonably match the entity being fundraised for.
Checks are sent out within 5 business days.
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